Pink Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial

Hello! Today I’m serving pink realness I love the way this came out everything fell into place and I think I finally figured out my camera and lighting setup!

For this look I used the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette to create this beautiful pink Valentine’s makeup tutorial.

I also tried to lip contour a little I called it baby lip contouring lol come check out my channel like, comment, share, and subscribe!!

Valentine’s Smokey Eye Tutorial

Well HELLLLLOOOO wordpress phew its been a while since I last posted on here or even shared my videos.ย  I don’t have a good explanation why I have been MIA but if you don’t see me post on here be sure to follow my YouTube channel where you can stay up to date with all the happenings and videos there!! I’m slowly growing and its been really exciting.ย  I haven’t been one to do the sub for sub because I have had bad experiences with that mostly people that I have done it with haven’t subscribed back and plus when you do that they don’t even watch your videos in the end your just a number to them so that’s why I feel like its taken a while to grow but I’m still trying y’all.

For today’s look I did a classic smokey eye and nude lip which is perfect for Valentine’s day or what ever day floats your boat.ย  I probably wont have a Valentine ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but that’s ok its always a Netflix and lounge kind of day.ย  If you read it this far thanks and your awesome don’t forget to check out my video!!! xo

Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorial

Hello my lovely friends! I’m so sorry for the hiatus on here but I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family that you love! I know some of you know that I have a youtube channel and have been trying my hardest to grow it but its slower than molases I just don’t want to spam peoples comment sections with omg follow me.ย  I’ve had bad experiences with people trying to do follow for follow because they end up not following me back.ย  Any ways I’m so close to a HUGE milestone of mine and finally FINALLY hitting 100 subscribers I’m three away so it would be so awesome if you could come over and check out my channel if you like what you see the subscribe its totally free!!

I hope you enjoy this holiday video that I recently uploaded! If you found me on here then come say hi and that you came from my blog!!

Hope the New Year brings you lots of blessings!